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To understand the appeal of UKIP, it helps to think about the four quadrants of The Political Compass
- The Guardian
The map of political faith. The Political Compass has now gone a step further and shown us where the 2008 presidential hopefuls fit in. So much for choice, eh?
- Times Online
Opinions oscillate from one side to the other of the spectrum and ensure that the final situation is as specific and truthful as possible.
- La Vanguardia, Spain
One website,, may give young people a better understanding of the core concepts.
- Politics Show, BBC1
The test takes less than five minutes to complete, and is an enlightening way to spend those minutes. In my case, it taught me that, when put to the test, my anti-authoritarian impulses overrule my progressive urges.
- Bret Bradigan, Ojai Valley News, California, USA
The website isn't simple, but it is entertaining.
- El Huevo, Mexico
… shows the limits of the traditional concept of left and right.
- L'actualité, Montreal, Canada
I'm extremely impressed by The Compass and would like to offer my thanks and congratulations for your outstanding effort.
- Olafur Teitur Gudnason, Vidskiptablidid Business Weekly, Iceland
The Political Compass aims to add more complexity and nuance to the old left/right binaries confusing our discourse. If you're like me and insulted to find your positions linked by radio reactionaries to Stalin and Pol Pot, or if you're a conservative tired of lefties screaming "Fascist" in your face, you'll find this test and its designers' commentary to be a tall drink of coolheaded thinking.
- Nevik Moore, Blarsblog
A website called "The Political Compass" aims to extend the way we understand our political system.
- BBC Radio Scotland
You're asked to agree or disagree with 61 propositions on social and political topics … Special compasses show where some world leaders and current American presidential candidates fit in, with results sure to befuddle campaign managers across the nation.
- New York Times, USA
We think that the guys that came up with this concept are brilliant.
- Ray Taliaferro, KGO Newstalk 810, San Francisco, USA
- Newstalk 1010 CFRB, Toronto, Canada
Really interesting!
- Bob Davis, KSTP AM, St.Paul, Minnesota, USA
- Colorado Springs Gazette
I recommend it to all readers … it can save them many headaches trying to make sense of the political chaos around them.
- Times of Malta
A site we like.
- Seattle Times, USA
A fascinating site. I love it!
- Jean-Jacques deMesterton, Radio KNRC, Denver, Colorado
We decided to clear the muddle and find out where our movers and shakers actually stand … to find an answer to that eternal question "Whither India ?" … Of course most of the senior and political leaders refused to be measured.
- The Times of India

It takes into account both economic and social factors for a better reading …

Don't try to be politically correct and beat the test. Just go on your gut and see where you end up.

- Chicago Tribune (US)
If the old political landmarks seem obsolete these days, there is now a place to get new bearings: a web site called
- Star Tribune, Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota, (USA)
I found a great website the other day … I genuinely did not know where I would end up
- Mary Ann Sieghart in The Times (UK)
Orient yourself politically at The results may surprise you.
- The Sunday Times, Singapore
The exercise helps show how our new politics has to be thought of outside a crude left-right paradigm. I'm fascinated to know where my readers end up.
- Andrew Sullivan, columnist for Sunday Times (UK) and New York Times.
Brilliant site intending to provide more sophisticated analysis than mere "left-right"......Fascinating.
- Q magazine (UK)
Where many such tests focus on left wing vs.right wing, Political Compass goes a fair bit further
- Time Out magazine (UK)
Don't expect an easy ride: you'll have to agree or disagree with a range of hypotheses … abstentions are not allowed.
- Website of the Week, The Week (UK)
They were clever questions clearly devised by someone who did understand political thought and they are right: Left and Right do not work as definitions.
- Peter Hitchens, former Editor, The Express (UK)
It seems to be amazingly accurate - though some are surprised by the result
- The Mail on Sunday (UK)
This is a thoughtful and intelligent site that is well worth a visit
- Jeanette Winterson, Guardian (UK) columnist
… a wonderful new website … I heartily commend it to all readers who have access to the internet and five minutes to spare for a bit of frivolity.
- Tom Utley in The Daily Telegraph (UK)
You might like to take a look at the Political Compass. You can find a link to it from our own site.
- BBC Radio Five Live (UK)
This is great. The creators have updated the measure of political persuasion.
- The Guardian (UK)
As I delved deeper into my premise of a vanishing left-wing ideology, I came across a brilliant website that not only proved my point but which held quite a few surprises in store.
- Simone Zammit Endrich in The Malta Independent
I thought that some of the questions were rather odd. I think I am moderately right of centre and I know I am fairly libertarian so it is pretty accurate.
- Edwina Currie, novelist and ex-Tory MP
I am happy that the test confirms that my political position is where I thought I was. To be in the same quarter of the political field as Gandhi is a great encouragement compared with many of the alternatives.
- Simon Hughes, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman.
Site of the Night
- TV News 6, Ottawa, (Canada)
Find out where you stand politically. One of North America's best political sites.
- Shift Magazine, (Canada)
If you want to try a new and improved compass, you could always take the test on, a British website that plots your answers to various questions along two vectors.
- The National Post, (Canada)
… the exercise (test) does get you to stop for a moment to think about where you truly stand on issues, when no one's looking
- Theresa Dillon, Managing Editor, Sympatico (Canada)
New and intriguing insight … clever and easy to follow. Perhaps our own leaders should take the test and reveal their scores to the voting public.
- Marilyn Baker, Calgary Herald (Canada)
Political Site of the Week
- Ehgloo Magazine (Canada)
A remarkable website..sure to be as popular here as in Britain
- The Australian
- The Advertiser (South Australia)
The Political Compass reveals if your thinking is closer to Gandhi's or Hitler's
- Helsingin Sanomat (Finland)
The Political Compass digs deeper than the traditional left-right axis
- Nettavisen, (Norway)
You call yourself a liberal, but are you really? Political Compass is a simple interactive website that allows you to gauge your true political allegiance.
- Webactive magazine (UK)
A way out of the political woods … arguably one of the most challenging new interactive websites to pop up in cyberspace.
- DPA (German Press Agency)


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