The US Presidential Election 2004

We’ve scrutinised the statements and, more tellingly, the voting records of the hopefuls of some of the parties, in response to requests from many of our American visitors. If you’re unhappy because a particular candidate isn’t included, spare a thought for the rest of the world who don’t have a Political Compass chart for any of their national figures yet ! And please, don’t even mention the vice presidential candidates!

Within the United States, of course, real (and imagined) differences between the mainstream candidates are more greatly magnified. However, compared to other western democracies, especially those with a finely-tuned system of proportional representation, most mainstream political activity in the US is concentrated over a more narrow ideological range. We note too that conservative Democrats tend to have more in common with Republicans than with the liberals within their own ranks.

US presidential candidates 2004 including David Cobb, Walt Brown, Ralph Nader, Michael Badnarik, John Kerry, George W. Bush, Michael Peroutka

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